Tuesday, March 19, 2013

travel if I must

I am not an enthusiastic traveler.  While many people dream of roaming the world, seeking adventure and experiencing  exotic cultures, I prefer to stay at home.  But if I must experience their same travels, I can simply look at their photos and postcards, vicariously living the exciting times they insist on sharing.  Yes, I’m a homebody, and proud of it.

It’s not that I am fearful of flying, or bothered by long drives, I just don’t prefer to put myself through the attendant hassles that inevitably complicate any venture away from home.  Airports are the worst offenders, gluttonous consumers of time and patience.  Too often airlines suck the life out of travelers, pushing them toward the brink of insanity with their constant price changes, schedule revisions, and cancellations. And, of course, having the airline lose your luggage is a given.
I find it incomprehensible why otherwise intelligent people put up with such abuse just for the opportunity to go from here to there. 

Yet, getting from here to there is often an unavoidable necessity.  Some travel is required for important occasions, whether happy or sad.  So I am willing, on occasion, to venture beyond the comfort of my recliner at those times.  Some things override my stated objections to leaving home.  The chance to spend some quality time with my grandson is such an occasion.  Ezra’s second birthday is enough of a reason for me to get on a plane and fly for nearly five hours. 

So now I find myself on the west coast far from home.  Any of the hassles and minor discomforts of the trip out here from wintery Wisconsin were immediately forgotten when we walked into the room and Ezra went wide eyed in wonderment to see his Skype image of Bubbe and Papa come to life in front of him.  It didn’t take him long to accept us into his world.   And it didn’t take us long to wish for time to stop right now.  From the moment of his first hug we knew that the time would come when we would have to leave him here and return home.  Every second we spend with him is precious beyond understanding.  We have seriously debated the possibility of kidnapping him and keeping him all to ourselves.  But we will have to be satisfied with our weeklong visit, and the prospect of future visits.  I am certainly willing to set aside my distaste for travel when the next opportunity comes for us to hug and kiss that precious little boy. 

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