Wednesday, April 24, 2013

bad stuff

The Boston bombings and subsequent manhunt, the fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people, the earthquake in China that killed hundreds of people, the flooding throughout the country during this exceptionally wet spring that destroyed so many homes, and on a more personal level, my sore ears from the pressure change in that damned airplane and loss of some hearing, a sister-in-law who is going through renal failure and facing dialysis and a kidney transplant, and a friend’s daughter who had an abortion.  And on and on.  Can it get any worse?

Monday, April 01, 2013

still ringing

It’s been over a week now since my ears were pressurized by the the plane ride home from California.  In that time the ringing in my ears has continued unabated.  Despite a visit to the doctor last Monday, who prescribed an antibiotic to fight off any infection and Mucinex to help get the mucus out of my ears, I don’t feel much better.  I fear that some permanent damage has been done and that I will never be able to hear as well as i used to.  

This experience with hearing loss gives me a greater appreciation for what those who suffer deafness or near total loss of hearing.  Over the past week I have looked on in ignorance of the conversations occurring around me.  My wife has had to repeat herself over and over not always realizing that the blank look I was giving her was because I had no idea what she was saying.  The television sound has been amped up to wall shaking levels.  And I can’t tell how loud I am talking since the sound of my voice echoes and bounces around in my head and sounds to me like a chorus of babbling idiots fighting for attention.  

Several times during the past week my ears have “popped” giving me hope that soon all that congestion will ease and I will get back to normal.  Until that happens all I can do is wait and hope.  And repair the cracks in the walls.