Saturday, March 29, 2014

another day, another doctor

Another day, another doctor.  For the past two months or so I have been having recurring bouts of nausea and constipation and cramping with the occasional surprise of diarrhea thrown in.  Not a very pleasant subject, but one that I bet bedevils a lot more people than who will admit to having such problems.  The cause of this change in my bodily functions is a mystery.  But there are a few suspects that have cropped (or should I say crapped up) up during my several visits to the doctors who are supposed to have all the answers.

My first thought was that the difficulty I was having was due to the various Parkinsons Disease medications that I take every day. Recently we had changed the strength and frequency of the doses of the carbadopa/livadopa that is the mainstay of my battle against this disease.  But the neurologist who treats me for this insidious condition was quite adamant that having such a reaction to the meds now, after having taken them for 10 years, is likely not the culprit causing the current disfunction in my body.  His instinct was to look elsewhere for the cause.  One usable and reasonable suggestion was that I take an OTC laxative to see if that would stop the constant constipation. He also gave me a prescription for a nausea relief medicine that is usually used for patients undergoing cancer treatment. I am willing to try anything at this point.

The symptoms all became too much for me last week (see the previous post “a long day”) and Mary took me to the ER to get some help last Monday. Then on Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with my primary doc who decided that he would send me to a gastroenterologist for his take on my problem.  That GI doc now has me on a colonoscopy prep to clean me out so that we can start with a clean bowel.  He said once we get to that point we can adjust whatever medicines I take and address the issue of diet to avoid the same thing happening again.  Sounds reasonable to me. So tomorrow I will do that cleansing and hopefully get some much needed relief.  

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