Sunday, March 30, 2014


The sun was shining, the temperature was over 50 degrees, and even though there are still a few desperate clumps of last winter’s thigh high drifts in the north side shadows, there was no doubt that Spring was winning the battle of the seasons.  It was impossible to stay inside with such alluring conditions calling my name to join in the annual dance of Spring’s arrival. So I stuck my nose out the door to test the air, judging whether all that sunshine was an illusion.

One of the year’s annual joys is venturing out into the yard for the first inspection of the grounds after the long, long winter. The grass is still brown and matted and seemingly lifeless, but, as experience has shown, that will change. The shrubs have yet to show any new buds, but, as experience has shown, that, too, will change. The evergreens are showing some unusual damage due to the exceptionally cold winter and early freeze last Fall, but, as experience has shown, they will, in time, recover and be green once again. That Spring is really exerting its will is fully evident in the south side flower gardens where the sun’s heat is especially inviting.  With the sun’s heat intensified by reflecting off the stone of the house wall, the soil warms much earlier than anywhere else in the yard, resulting in the appearance of tender new shoots of crocus.  The tulips and daffodils won’t be far behind.

After picking up an armload of sticks broken off the trees during those months of dormancy and dragging the rake over the messiest sections of lawn to get rid of the clumps of leaves and other detritus deposited there during the winter months, the yard looks so much neater and under control, ready for another green season. 

Once the grass greens up and the trees have budded out in the warming weather, the sense of renewal will be complete. Every year the same sequence occurs and the reaffirmation of life is once again presented for our enjoyment. Today was just the first indication that we are back at the beginning of our annual seasonal dance. 

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