Saturday, March 29, 2014

upsets, upsets, upsets

Upsets, upsets, upsets.  That’s what I love about March Madness. There is so much parity in college basketball that any team can rise to the occasion and have the game of its life. # Fourteen seed Mercer will be bragging about its win over #3 seed Duke well into the next millennium. Ohio St, a #6 seed, will be talking about it’s game against #11 Dayton for that same millennium,  but they won’t be bragging. The scholarly student athletes of Stanford and Harvard play for schools that are hardly considered basketball powerhouses, but they took their noses out of their books long enough to win their first games,. Another 12 seed, N. Dakota St., ventured out of the Badlands and slapped the #5 Okies  back into their dustbowl.  And the list goes on.  Half way through the round of 64, I was betting that there would be more of those upsets along the way.  I sure hope so.  Seeing the range of emotions, from the delirious euphoria of the “little guys” to the stunned stare of disbelief on the faces of the vanquished assumed better team, make this annual event the best theater of the year and I love every minute of it. 

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