Thursday, March 12, 2015


One of my goals this vacation was to get across 150 yards of sandy beach to the shoreline and let the incoming waves wash over my feet. That sounds like a pretty simple goal, but with me there are complications. 
Walking on sand is difficult when your sense of balance is compromised by PD as mine is. The uneven and soft surface of the sand is a challenge that requires constant concentration when walking on it to avoid slipping or tripping and suffering the resulting faceplant. The amount of energy required to get to the water and then back to the safety of solid ground is a real deterrent to trying. I use a pair of walking sticks to help me stay upright when we are on the beach, but we only venture a short distance to where we can plant the sun umbrella. Of course I can't use my walker on the sand, even with its big wheels it would be impossible to push and the sand would get into the wheels and axels and ruin them. Still I was 
determined to reach my goal regardless of the obstacles.
Yesterday I bought a new pair of beach/boat shoes that can get wet without any dire consequences. So today I enlisted Mary's help in my quest, using the need to test the new shoes as reason for making the attempt. We rigged up a belt/strap that we fastened at my waist so she would have something to hold onto in case I tripped, much like the strap employed by my physical therapist during our therapy sessions. I grabbed my sticks, she grabbed hold of the belt, and we set off to wet our feet in the gulf waters. We made it. When the first wave rolled over my feet I managed to stay upright even though the water was surprisingly cold and I jumped at the shock. It only took a few waves to satisfy my need. The shoes performed as advertised. The salesman didn't mention how long it would take for the shoes to dry out, but I suspect it will be several days before I can wear them again. That's ok. I don't need to repeat todays act. I did it and I'm happy.

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