Saturday, March 14, 2015

sandy beach

What is it about sandy beaches that attracts us so?
We've come to this area of warm sunshine, ocean views, and white sandy beaches repeatedly over the past 30 years, the first 15 with our kids, and then just the two of us, until now, when I find myself once again sitting on a chair with its legs stuck in the sand, the shade umbrella tilted just so to ward off the too windy conditions for sitting on the beach, with my back to the wind, eyes squinting to moderate the bright sun reflection off the too hot sand, accompanied by m,y favorite wife #1. This scenario is so familiar to us that when the time comes to plan our annual spring vacation,all we have to do is fill in the dates and our preferred mode of transportation and somehow we always end up back here, in a cottage 40 yards from the beach and the sand that beckon us with their familiar harmonizing siren song.

What is it about sandy beaches that makes any time spent there an auxiliary to one of Dante's rings of hell? Why do we keep returning to the sunburn that bakes us an unnatural color not seen anywhere else in nature and is so dangerous to our health. Why do we return, like the swallows to Capistrano, to the discontent we suffer when that sun that boils our blood, fails to appear on the inevitable cloudy day. Why do we insist on returning to the irritable abrasion of sand in our shoes, causing blistered feet and lots of whining. And how does that scraping, grinding, abrasive devil's powder migrate into the remotest cracks and crevasses of our heretofore smooth and comfortable bodies, giving us scrapes and scratches that leave us groping, reaching for unreachable places while trying to sooth the body parts that have been assaulted by that insidious intruder, causing egregiously embarrassing contortions that would be x rated if there was a rating system for such acrobatics.
So choose your poison and pleasure carefully, knowing you will have to take the bad with the good. Now go and clean the sand off your feet before coming in the house.

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