Monday, April 20, 2015

best laid plans

I certainly didn't plan on my day going south as it did. I was going to spend most of the day in my workshop. Finally. I realized the other day that I haven't produced any new work at all for the past year. I found a couple of bowls on the display shelf that were the last objects I turned last Spring before all the hoopla involved in selling a house, buying a condo, and moving took over our lives and any time I might have spent on creative endeavors. So I promised myself a day in my version of a man cave to jump back into it with both feet.
That was before the dog started acting weird. Sonny seemed to be favoring his left leg and whining in pain any time he tried to get comfortable in his bed. And he even snapped at me when I tried to put his leash on to take him outside. That was very uncharacteristic of such a gentle and well mannered pup. So something was obviously wrong in doggie land.

The prospects of finding a vet on a Saturday morning who wasn't booked up, and even overbooked, didn't appear to be likely, but we lucked out when the good folks at the Mukwonago Animal Hospital said bring him in and we will make room for him. And they did.
I only waited a few minutes after getting Sonny and myself into the waiting room before the vet took us into an examination room. Sonny allowed the Dr. to do whatever he felt was necessary to figure out what the problem was.  Did I mention how trusting and cooperative Sonny can be? After doing some blood panels on him, the Dr. found that Sonny had a strong positive reaction to a certain tick borne disease that is very rare around here but quite common down south where Sonny came from. So a round of antibiotics was in order. The vet speculated that Sonny's aching hind quarters were due to a possible soft tissue injury, like a sprain, or possibly a side effect of the infection in his body.

After a couple hours at home the poor dog started puking all over the kitchen. A reaction to the antibiotic? We won't know what caused the dog to make such a mess until we get another dose or two of medicine in him. In the meantime he just looks so miserable. I wish there was something I could do relieve his suffering, but unfortunately my healing powers are insufficient in this case. 

To add to the stress of the day, Mary has been more in bed than out, battling a dose of the flu or some other exotic malady that has laid her low for the past couple days. I know she was hurting because she didn't go with me to the vet. Any other time and she would have taken over and made certain that everything possible was being done for her loved ones. That she was willing to allow me to take over this morning tells me that she either trusts me, or she was way too sick to help. 

So my plans to get a taste of my workshop went the way of the Dodo. Instead, I messed around the kitchen (I didn't want to leave Sonny unattended) and eventually ended up making 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I got my creative jones back. What I think I will do is put those cookies in those two bowls I finished last year to help make the transition back to the right side of my brain.

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