Thursday, April 02, 2015

senior eating

We just finished lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We like the place because it caters to the geriatric demographic of which we are intrenched members. Hard to admit, but the gray hair and beard are a dead give away. This is the kind of restaurant that on Fryday, when it has its all you can eat fish fry, the line to get a table stretches out the door and causes walker pile ups at the curb and cane fights in the parking lot. And that's at 4:00 PM, the usual dinner hour for an aged clientele. By 6:00 PM the place is nearly deserted. The only ones left are the youngsters who haven't quite gotten the scedule ingrained into their DNA yet. 
We've been coming here for ages, even before we qualified for the senior discount and have the system down pat. But, of course, none of that matters right now because we were there for lunch. 
The most important attribute a restaurant such as this can have, and this is essential to the continued success of any restaurant, but especially to one that caters to seniors who know the value of a buck, is portion size. There has to be enough left over on your plate so that you can take home enough for lunch the next day. And you always have to have a way to smuggle the little jelly and sugar packets out of there so you'll have enough to last you until your next visit. 
There is one problem that arises all too frequently however. The clientel being seniors means there are a miltitude of senior moments that can thwart the best of plans. The only way you'll have lunch tomorrow is if you remember to take your doggy bag along with you when you leave the restaurant. 
Looks like we'll be eating peanut butter and jelly tomorrow.

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