Sunday, June 14, 2015

down and dirty

It's Springtime and a young man's (and an old man's) fancy turns to love....of getting down and dirty in the garden. I just love this time of year when the ground has gotten warm enough to handle without gloves and fear of frost bite, the perennials are poking up out of their winter hideaways, the breezes that ruffle the new buds on the trees are more warm than cold, and the daylight lasts a bit longer each day so we can enjoy Mother Nature's gifts right up to the spectacular sunsets she paints on the western horizon.

Today I finally got outside and dug some dirt. I have a modest little area where I can plant some flowers and do a little bit of landscaping here at our new condo. We are not supposed to change the public areas of the condo grounds, but every one modifies their own immediate front yards to give the buildings a bit of color and interest. That's all I intend to do, make my own immediate surroundings look pretty.
I used to have a huge yard to maintain and satisfy my gardening jones, so it is quite difficult to scale back any landscaping plans. But that's a challenge I will accept and be happy to meet. The truth is, the yard at our old house was getting way too big for me to handle on my own anymore, and I admit I do miss it, but now I think I will have just enough planting and trimming and cutting and watering to keep me interested and in the game without the aching back that usually goes with all those gardening chores.
So here's to Spring, that annual renewal of acquaintance with my fingernail scrub brush.

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