Saturday, August 22, 2015

being home

It's been close to a week since Mary was liberated from the hospital. I'd love to say that I mounted a daring raid on that fortress and snatched her from her bed just in the nick of time, disguised her as a cadaver headed for the morgue, snuck hastily down the back corridors avoiding the elevators, and emerged into the sunlight and found our waiting getaway car roaring and rumbling with urgency. Being the superhero I am, I whipped my cape around me and leaping into the driver's seat, sped away before they knew what whirlwind that was that just astonished them.
I'd like to relate that story as the truth, but the fact is, all it took to spring out of there was one signature on an official looking form. Once that happened they hustled us out the door with nary a wave goodbye or a wish for good luck.
Since being home, Mary has shown some improvement overall, but the gains are slow and difficult. She eats little bits of food throughout the day, not enjoying it, but putting up with the necessity of getting some meaningful calories into her so she can build up some strength. Walking is her only exercise, and she is capable of only short walks around the condo. I've challenged her to walker races, but hasn't taken the challenge as of yet. She has yet to venture outside, so she hasn't yet seen all the blooming flowers and maturing plants that we put in last Spring.
I've gotten quite adept at manipulating the saline flushing syringe that I have to use on her drain tube twice a day. The drainage seems to be lessening ml by ml everyday. I think I will actually miss doing that. I have found that I'm an adequate caregiver, not too easy on her and not a pushover. I like being the one to dispense the pills at the appropriate time. And for the most part she listens and does as she's told. She's still too weak to fight back with any conviction, so I am enjoying my temporary dominance.

I pray that all the caregiving will be short lived as Mary continues to improve. i will gladly cede control if it means she is back to her old self. We're getting there one day at a time. 

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