Thursday, August 20, 2015


It looks like disappointment is the word of the day again. A couple of days ago, today, Sunday, was looking like a winner in the "When Does Mary Get To Go Home" sweepstakes. But as I always pick the wrong lottery numbers, I also missed the call on this one.
The doctors still don't have the infections under control sufficiently to give her the nudge out the door. Nor is Mary able to eat much. Food is still fools gold to her. And while the feeding tube remains in her arm she doesn't have to eat in order to survive. But she has to eat on her own to build the strength she needs to push the exit door open.
Her doctors are taking a very conservative approach in her treatment. They want there to be no chance of an infection reappearing once she is kicked out the door, so the antibiotics she is getting have to have the high ground in their battle against the infection that is tormenting her before they will consider lighting the exit sign.
And as far as her eating a healthy diet, they may believe me or not when I say I am a capable cook (actually an above average gourmand if I do say so myself), who will be able to provide sufficient nourishment to not just keep her alive, but to have her thrive once I get her home where food is not a secretion dripping from the end of a tube, but an experience to look forward to three times a day.
This is the last time I will make a prediction regarding Mary's return to real life. I've learned my lesson and I will not give the fates a chance to humiliate me again. So the next time you see Mary's name in the same sentence as the word home, she will be here at home telling you herself that she made it. In the meantime your prayers and encouragement will continue to bouy her spirits and give her the incentive she needs to return to her family and many friends. 

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