Thursday, August 20, 2015

enough of this

I'm sitting in Mary's hospital room all alone. They have taken her "down" (I'm not sure I like the way that sounds) to have another session with a long needle that will be stuck into her pancreas to suck out more of the accumulated infected fluid. This is the third
or fourth time they have done this procedure and each time brings more pain into her life. Intellectually I know this is necessary, but emotionally I just want it to stop. Enough already. Hasn't she suffered enough? Can't we just find a miracle cure and end all this pain?

If only it were that simple. If it was up to me, and it will be when they make me Emperor of the World, I would ban all pain and suffering for everyone (well, I might retain some of that pain and add some particularly nasty side effects for the more radical Republicans who pop up like noxious weeds whenever a presidential race is in the offing), and we would all gather around and sing or hum along with Kumbaya. Just imagine how nice it would be if there was no disease that could harm us, no infection that could sicken us, or no disorder that could cripple us.
In my unfortunately imaginary world, you couldn't stub your toe no matter how hard you tried. There would be no such thing as a negative reaction to anything that confronts us. Every pass would result in a touchdown, every hit a home run. People would have forgotten how to frown, and when they smiled (which, of course, would be all the time) they would show rows of perfect, pearly white teeth that would reflect a gleaming beam of warm sunlight back to you.
That's the world I want for my Mary. She deserves that far more than the trial she has been subjected to. No one should have to put up with the garbage piled on her plate.
So when you get the chance, vote for me to be your new Emperor and that alternate universe I promised would become reality. 

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