Thursday, August 20, 2015

men do too

I may have to abdicate my standing in the society of men. I might even have to turn in my "man" card and never again grip another man's hand with the secret hand shake.
Ok, you're wondering what heinous crime, what incomprehensible dastardly act could I have committed to make me fall so far so fast. Actually, what I did was something I do frequently around here. I've even done this many times without being asked or told to do so without any dire consequences crashing down on my person. Hell, I've even been thanked repeatedly for doing this.
Why was this time different? The background of my confession, of course, involves Mary, as does everything else in my life. You are familiar with her recent battle with pancreatitis and her nearly month long stay in the hospital. She is home now, but not really doing too well. She still has a lot of pain and refuses to eat anything substantial, so her weight is way down and she has no energy, finding it difficult to just walk from one end of the condo to the other. Naturally, she is unable to do what she always took such great pride in--keeping our domicile clean enough to lick. Mary has always been a fanatical housekeeper, going to great lengths to keep the house dust and dirt free and in a nearly sterile state.
So it has fallen to me to ease her mind about the state of the house. When she was hospitalized, I made sure to keep to her scheduled cleaning list of chores so that she would return to the environment she was accustomed to. The last thing I wanted to do was add to her discomfort by bring her home to a dirty house.
So over the past couple weeks I have kept up with her scheduled cleaning list with a lot of supervision, of course. I've never been reluctant to do my share of cleaning. After all, I live here too, so I am responsible for that trail of cookie crumbs that meanders around place. But I have to admit I was never an enthusiastic participant in the weekly ritual.
Now, however, there has been a change in that participation. And that is where my manhood standing comes into jeopardy. Yesterday while pushing the vacuum, I found myself humming a happy tune instead of just going through the motions. My God, I thought, I'm actually enjoying myself. I was liking what I was doing. I was getting satisfaction out of vacuuming. The line has been crossed. I am becoming my wife.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a strong urge to do some dusting and maybe clean a bathroom or two. 

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