Thursday, August 20, 2015

pneumonia now

Can you say pneumonia?
Mary's doctor says he heard a bit of fluid in her lungs and is now concerned that pneumonia is a real possibility.
The threat of pneumonia is caused by her lack of mobility over the past weeks. She needs to get out of bed and walk around to exercise and clear her lungs. But she is too weak to do a lot of walking or any other kind of exercise because she is not eating. She is still getting most of her food in liquid form through an IV in her arm, but that is just enough to keep her alive. She needs real food for the protein and carbs that will give her the energy to fight through this.

But she just can't stand the sight of food let alone putting any of it into her mouth. The antibiotics they keep pouring into her to fight the infection in her pancreas have that horrible side effect of diarrhea which makes food even less palatable. So the vicious cycle continues. No food, no strength, no healing. 

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