Thursday, August 20, 2015


Sometimes the most difficult part of being sick is the waiting to get better. Once the diagnosis is made and medicine prescribed, and the doctor's instructions taken to heart, we like to think that we will recover sooner rather than later. That's why it seems so unfair when we encounter a problem that turns the recovery process on it's ear.
That's what keeps happening to Mary in this ordeal. Several times we have thought we were on the verge of taking her home where she belongs. And each time we have gotten our hopes up, the imp at the left hand of the devil squeezes out another complication like a mad cur shitting on the expectations of the righteous. No matter how "in control" we think we are, that little imp dumps on us again and again, making us wonder what it will take to get rid of the rotten little defecating troublemaker.
I have tried the prayer route, wearing a path in heaven's doormat. As of yet, I haven't gotten the response I expect and have been assured will be in place if I try one more "Hail Mary." Maybe I've been too insistent that my prayers be heard and the Big Guy is getting irritated with me. I may have to play the humble card, difficult as that is for me. All I know is that I have to keep the prayers flowing, with unrelenting effort, until my message gets through.
The doctors assure me that this latest setback is
under control and we can look forward to eventual healing--a full and much deserved recovery from this devilment. But I intend to hedge my bets and break out the rosary, just to give that healing a slight boost in the right direction. 

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