Thursday, August 20, 2015

what else

What else could possibly go wrong? How about a diarrheal reaction to the antibiotics she is getting to fight the infection in her pancreas. And because that rampant diarrhea seemingly came out of nowhere, they decided she just might be contagious.
So they isolated her yesterday and made anyone who came on contact with her wear masks and hospital gowns to protect themselves from her until the lab could identify what was causing this to happen and whether or not she was in fact contagious. A reasonable practice, but frightening to her. And me.
Today they got the lab results and found that they could trace the diarrhea back to the antibiotics she was getting to combat the pancreatitis that is creating all the pain she is still suffering. So now she is still getting antibiotics despite her severe reaction to them because they have to get rid of the infection first and foremost. But to help her deal with the diarrhea that is plaguing her now, they are adding Valium to the med mix. They want her relaxed, hoping that will help her control her bowels. The expected result of such a medicinal cocktail is a semi-coherent, oblivious, but happy, doper.
I don't want a semi-coherent, oblivious doper. I want my Mary back in her original form.
This is bordering on the absurd. 

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